H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) has foreseen the possibilities of health, beauty and medical use of hydrogen since the company’s establishment, and has advanced in research and development on the premises that hydrogen should provide a paradigm shift in health, beauty, pharmaceutical and medicine of the 21st Century.

We hope to be a world-wide leading presence in hydrogen administration technology for health, beauty and clinical applications.
We seek to promote hydrogen and Device/Equipment as Health, Beauty, pharmaceutical and Medical for efficient technologies.

H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) specialize in R&D, designing, engineering and Mfg. health, beauty and medical devices that utilize hydrogen.

We are a young company R&D and headquartered Gwangju-si Gyeonggi-do , Republic of Korea.

Our mission is to offer hydrogen based beauty, health, pharmaceutical and medical devices to health conscious consumers and medical clinics across the globe.

‌Our customers are predominantly doctors, who focus on general health and the prevention of illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis/rosacea as well as general anti-aging.

We are one of the very few hydrogen based companies who have a direct backing from doctors, H2 experts and scientists working in the field.

Our customers(users) can consume the hydrogen in different ways: Foam(H2 sleeping mask ampoules: TINAZANA™), Drink (H2-Healer™ and H2-PEN™), Mist (H2-atomizer), Inhalation(H2-Healer™), Baths(H2-Ball™), Capsules (SUSORIN™, H2-Aronia™), Cream (DHGM™, H2 Solar™, H2 CC™) with hydrogen infused saline(for medical), injection(for medical) and dialysis(for medical). We are currently in +9 clinics in Asia and are now looking to find new Health, medical and beauty partners.

In 2007, the first article branding hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant was published in Nature magazine.

Although the research is early, the 1000+ scientific articles suggest that H2 has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models, and essentially every organ of the human body.

The following years the interest for hydrogen in scientific circles rose exponentially with one study after the other confirming the initial reports. H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) was subsequently founded in 2008 to offer state of the art hydrogen devices and as a result making it accessible and easy for people to benefit from the healthy gas, liquid and solid Since 2005, Initial funding for H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) was provided by Dr. Chi.

Today, H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) is run by a global network of people dedicated to the hydrogen cause.
They cooperate in various ways to support the ongoing pursuit of health, beauty and medical through hydrogen products born in Korea.
Our beauty, health and medical products are supported and loved by a significant number of foreigners.
Their busy travel schedules and long working hours require more than just make-up.
They, of all people, can testify to the necessity of maintaining a good health and skin care regime.

In our hydrogen products they have found a solution that satisfy these demands.

Our hydrogen device/equipment is based on technical know-how acquired from Dr. Chi.
The founder of H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) Dr. Chi, realized the potential of hydrogen while working for the Semiconductor and Environmental company.
Here he engaged in the development of a so-called Gas-H2, Solid-H2, Liquid-H2 and Non-Diaphragm electrolysis (Original Technology / 15 Patented)

Alongside H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) he contributed to the study of hydrogen therapy, beauty and health at the H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) for 15 years.

When Dr. Chi 's father was first diagnosed with cancer, he obtained a newfound interest in those diseases.
The extensive knowledge gathered from his hydrogen/cancer studies combined with technological know-how from a semiconductor H2 /O3/CO2 washing process(Hybrid Functional water supply system), led to the first hydrogen medical equipment.

H2 TOPS INC.(HTI) are still working closely together with several H2 Mfg. company in Korea.