About DHGM H2 Sleeping Mask Ampoules ‌

The 5 key pillars underpinning H2 TOPS INC's product range:
1. Anti-ageing properties to reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
2. Maintain smooth, plump and youthful appearance of skin.
3. Visually prolong your skin’s natural youth and radiance.
4. Optimizing your skin’s health through hydrating benefits.
5. Suitable for long-term storage, Stable hydrogen concentration and Generates hydrogen at time of use

A large amount of hydrogen(H2) that is generated on the face, you can securely realize the power of hydrogen(H2).
A short period of time are well received by customers and be effective Hydrogen Sleeping Mask Ampoules‌, it can approach to the active oxygen by a high concentration of hydrogen to penetrate the skin occurs.

Such as wrinkles, dullness, sagging, acne, atopic dermatitis can be expected to worries of a variety of skin.
☞ It becomes more and more bright color of the face
☞ Stain thinned
☞ Pores tightened
☞ Drying is improved
☞ Wrinkles in the forehead has improved and lift up
☞ Face line was clean
☞ Skin was said to have become beautiful

High concentration Hydrogen Sleeping Mask Ampoules‌ to exert power in a short period of time of 10 to 30 minutes.
Special technology is available and introduced easily without the need. This product, which was able to generate hydrogen(H2) directly.
Hydrogen(H2) readily gives up electrons to free radicals, which stabilizes them and stops them in their tracks.
Hydrogen(H2) shows not only effects against oxidative stress, but also various anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. Hydrogen(H2) holds advantages over other antioxidants because it is such a tiny molecule: it is able to penetrate cell membranes, and can easily enter deep into cell components, where other antioxidants are not able to reach. Also, hydrogen(H2) boosts the body’s defenses by increasing production of natural antioxidants.
No adverse effects of consuming hydrogen exist.

Hydrogen, commonly written H2, is a molecule formed by bonding two hydrogen atoms which share their electrons. Numerous scientific studies in recent years have shown that hydrogen is believed to be beneficial in more than 150 human diseases.
Oxidation is the chemical reaction that results in the LOSS of electrons by a molecule, atom, or ion. Oxidation doesn’t have to have anything to do with oxygen. An oxidation reaction may produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions that may damage cells.

Reduction is the chemical reaction that results in the GAIN of electrons by a molecule, atom, or ion.
Antioxidants reduce free radicals by donating an electron to the radical which then ceased to a be radical.