When you open the lid of hydrogen in the anywater, you drink it instantly.
Existing hydrogen products are sold in aluminum material patches and canned goods.

In the process of distribution, hydrogen gradually drops aluminum containers and the concentration of hydrogen decreases.

The hydrogen cap(or lid) developed by Dr. Chi can be drunk by putting the hydrogen cap in mineral water sold anywhere, anytime.
The hydrogen cap has a constant hydrogen concentration in hydrogen water anywhere in the world.

Hydrogen caps are developed and sold in various forms.
1) Hydrogen water rich in hydrogen for antioxidant purposes
2) Hydrogen water for health containing ginseng cultivated in water
3) Hydrogen water containing collagen for skin beautification

The principle of making hydrogen water

The H2-Lid™ is filled with powder occluding hydrogen so as not to miss important hydrogen.
If the H2-Lid™ is opened to the water before drinking, the hydrogen powder dissolves quickly, creating hydrogen water.
The powder filled in the H2-Lid™ can hold the quality for a long period of time in a fresh state by completely sealing the powder after sealing the aluminum film.
Now you just put a H2-Lid™ anywhere, in any water, and you get plenty of hydrogen water.

What is hydrogen(H2)?

Hydrogen is an atomic number. It is an element of 1.
The English name is Hydrogen and H is an atomic symbol for the initial letter.
It is the lightest substance in the element.
It is a colorless, odorless gas that is light and highly flammable.
Due to its small molecular weight, it has much higher kinetics than other gases and moves around about four times faster than oxygen kinetics.
The largest number of hydrogen molecules, H2, can be identified in the universe far beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

The action of hydrogen(H2) on the body

Active oxygen is originally a substance that is necessary for the body. They are released from white blood cells to repel bacteria and viruses that enter the body. It serves as a sterilization and disinfectant.
There is also a side to it that affects your body.
Although humans consist of about 60 trillion cells, the outer membrane of the cells is made from an oil called unsaturated fatty acid. Unsaturated fatty acids, which are linked to active oxygen, oxidize into lipid peroxides and age cells. Just as iron oxidizes and slips, the body is oxidized and rusted by the effects of active oxygen.
 As for the generation of active oxygen, oxygen that is taken into the body is first carried to cells by red blood cells and used to burn fat and sugar to generate energy. 2% of the oxygen consumed at that time is active oxygen(ROS).
Ultraviolet rays, food additives, and cigarettes are also related to the generation of active oxygen, and tobacco is said to generate as much as 100 trillion active oxygen.
Be careful not to take too much, as oily eating also activates active oxygen.
Also, you should be careful about stress.Cortisol, a type of stress hormone, not only stops the function of NK cells, which play an important role in immune function, but also generates active oxygen when they are produced. 

Prevention of Aging

Hydrogen-containing cosmetics are also selling well, as well as declining body organs, as well as expected effects on skin.

The intestinal environment improves (the odor of defecation does not bother me)

By absorbing hydrogen water in the body, cells become moisturized and feces accumulated in the intestines become normal. And since the bowel movement improves, the source of the odor disappears.

The blood becomes dry

As active oxygen increases in life, blood becomes muddy.As hydrogen removes active oxygen, blood becomes dry as well.It is said that the blood becomes dry, which is also effective in preventing myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

Valid for dieting

It is effective for dieting because blood becomes dry, blood circulation is promoted and metabolism is also activated.In addition, since bowel movements are improved, constipation is eliminated and women can have good effects besides dieting.If you are exercising for your diet, you can go on a diet effectively.

Detox effect

It also has the detoxification effect of discharging waste from the body.Many people also have waste in their bodies due to stress and irregular living conditions.Leaving it alone can not only cause metabolism, but also reduce the immune system and cause illness.Emissions of waste matter are indispensable to humans, so it is important to do a thorough detoxification.

Beauty effect

Although stains, freckles and wrinkles are caused by aging, active oxygen oxidizes melanin pigment and leaves it on the skin.
Also, skin collagen breaks up and becomes wrinkled.Active oxygen, which is said to be bad for the skin, attacks cells and damages the skin. It's best to change your lifestyle to get rid of active oxygen, but it's better to take some hydrogen water.
It is also effective to apply it directly to the skin, and because it protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, cosmetics containing it are also on sale.

Improved memory

The aging of the brain is also thought to involve active oxygen, and hydrogen that removes active oxygen is thought to prevent memory loss and dementia. This is a mouse experiment, but the difference in memory between a mouse drinking normal water and a mouse drinking hydrogen water was clear.
The ability to proliferate nerve stem cells was also good.
It is also said that it is expected to improve the condition of the disease by taking hydrogen water in high blood pressure, pollinosis, atopy and diabetes.