Hydrogen generation for Drink and Inhalation H2+O2 –Healer™

Portable! Powerful! Safe!

Over 1000+ scientific articles have shown molecular hydrogen’s result producing potential for over 170 health conditions, cognitive performance and outer beauty benefits.
(Molecular) Hydrogen(H2) inhalation devices are available in the Korea United States and are already in wide use in Japan, United States, EU, China and Southeast asian countries.
Hydrogen(H2) inhalation is an important new therapy that delivers relief for many medical situations including surgery, tissue damage and cellular dysfunction, and diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Inhaling hydrogen can extinguish the most intense oxidative fires and inflammation. Hydrogen(H2) is the perfect medical treatment for oxidative stress.

H2+O2–Healer™ is a best in class 2 in 1 hydrogen generator/hydrogen gas inhaler in the design for portable.
It produces hydrogen enriched water and generates hydrogen gas which can be consumed through an inhaler .
The uniqueness of H2+O2–Healer™ lies in its compact size, ease of use and the advanced technology.
H2+O2–Healer™ is powered by a long lasting polymer lithium battery. The base of H2/O2–Healer™ is equipped with a Titanium with Platinium plated electrodes and nondiaphragm type electrolysis technology to generate hydrogen.

Anytime, Anywhere. Anywater and Everybody
With using the rechargeable battery and adaptor, you can drink or inhale hydrogen wherever you like: at your office, gyms, parks or hotels as well as at home.

This home ‌ H2+O2 generator offers a homemade ‌ H2+O2  generator solution that is safe, efficient, and effective. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

This portable ‌ H2+O2 generator(H2+O2–Healer™) is a high end innovation and one of its kind novel applications for human health care and Beauty.
The devices works on the principle of water electrolysis and in practice the machine produces a ratio of 67:33 mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas, yields more benefits to human beings.

Hydrogen, the most prevalent atom in the universe, is essential to life. It’s long been known not to be harmful and is considered Generally Recognized As Safe (G.R.A.S.) by the United States Food and Drug Administration/ Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare/Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety/CFDA etc.
Hydrogen has the potential to behave like a selective antioxidant and only react with the hydroxyl radical, which is common in the human body. Hydroxyl radicals cause harm in the form of oxidative stress and have no beneficial function.

 Multiple studies show hydrogen gas supports homeostasis in the body by down regulating pro inflammatory cytokines. Runaway inflammation has been implicated in many chronic illnesses. Hydrogen may prove to play an important role in restoring balance to the body relative to inflammation.
We use the ‌ H2+O2–Healer™ to deliver a safe and therapeutic quantity of molecular hydrogen water for drink and molecular hydrogen gas for inhalation

What technology the product uses

H2+O2–Healer™ uses electrolysis technology with nondiaphragm type to generate water enriched with pure molecular hydrogen of high concentrations more than 0.8~1.5 ppm and hydrogen gas of over 35,000 ppm in 30 mins.
By utilizing nondiaphragm type electrolysis technology, electrolysis by-products such as ozone(O3) and chlorine(Cl2) do not enter the water. H2+O2–Healer™ generates a high concentration of hydrogen, regardless of the presence of minerals in the water.

What the product is used for

H2+O2–Healer™ can be used to consume hydrogen either through drinking the water or inhaling the gas/hydrogen gas inhaler.
H2+O2–Healer™ generates molecular hydrogen and brings its benefits to a life on the go.
H2+O2–Healer™ is perfect to use in the gym, during holidays, on business trips, hiking or any other activity.

How to operate the product

The device has a display with one on/off button and two operational modes: mode #1(one touch buttom) – 2~3 minutes and mode #2 (two touch bottom) – 30 minutes.
Mode #1 is used for generation of hydrogen enriched water, while mode #2 is used for hydrogen inhalation/hydrogen gas inhaler.
Pressing on/off button starts or stops the hydrogen generation cycle.
Pressing the on/off button once starts the 2~3 minute mode of generating hydrogen enriched water.
Pressing on/off button twice starts the 30-minute mode for hydrogen inhalation.
Blue and Green illuminating light and generation of small bubbles confirms the working status of the device.
The voice indicator informs about the start and end of the hydrogen generation cycle (it can be muted).

‌Hydrogen Generation Device H2-Healer

‌How to use H2-Healer

How to charge the product

H2+O2–Healer™ runs on long lasting polymer lithium battery. Battery indicator on the display shows the state of the battery charge. Full charge allows to use the device for about 30~40 cycles of 2~3 minutes (mode #1) and 4~5 cycles of 30 minutes (mode #2).
The device is charged with a standard SMPS adaptor cable providing great flexibility particularly when travelling including charging through connector.

What the product display includes

The modern electronic display of H2+O2–Healer™ includes:
1) Two operating modes: mode #1 – 2~3 minute for generating hydrogen rich water, mode #2 – 30-minute for hydrogen inhalation.
2) Battery charge level indicator
3) Hydrogen generation status (ON: running bubbles, Like Aurora./ OFF: no bubbles and clear)

How the product is maintained

1) Water body cleaning
 Wipe with a sponge/smooth cotton cloth.
 Recommended cleaning frequency: 1-2 times a week.
 Do not use abrasive cleaning sponges / cloths.

2) Electrodes
There is no scale attached to the electrode surface, so there is no cleaning required.  It is the original technology of ‌ H2/O2  generator(‌ H2/O2  –Healer™) and it is an invention patent.

How to store the product

If you do not plan to use the product for an extended period of time, open the upper cap and reverse the water body.
When reusing, operate with water at 30℃ to 40℃ for 2 to 3 minutes, then discard the water and use it.

Hydrogen rich water for H2/O2–Healer™

The device enriches drinking water with molecular hydrogen through nondiaphragm type electrolysis technology.
• Operates on mode #1 that is set for 2~3 minutes
• No contraindications or side effects
• Anywater can be used(filtered water, bottled(mineral) water, tap water, ground water, pond water or well water).

Hydrogen(H2) inhalation

Hydrogen inhalation gives the option to consume larger quantities of molecular hydrogen in comparison to hydrogen rich water. 30 minutes of hydrogen inhalation is equal to drinking hundreds of  liters of hydrogen enriched water.

1) Hydrogen inhalation is carried out through an inhalation nozzle and a nasal cannula
2) Continuous supply of molecular hydrogen (H
3) Hydrogen gas inhaler operates on mode #2(twice button touch)  that is set for 30 minutes
4) Repetition of cycles achieves the best results
5) Delivers larger quantities of molecular hydrogen in the body 

6)  Combination of hydrogen inhalation with drinking hydrogen rich water achieves the best results
7) Works with filtered(water purifier) and unfiltered water(tap, ground, well, pond, river, lake etc.) H
2–Healer™ completely remove viruses and bacteria from the water. (patented)
8) No contraindications or side effects. Please refer to the paper below.
 『Biological safety of neutral-pH hydrogen-enriched electrolyzed
water upon mutagenicity, genotoxicity and subchronic oral toxicity』